Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Plagues of a Virus

Well, family, I had written out my whole email when I touched a button and it all got erased. I am slightly annoyed.

It's been an interesting week. Irma Vega got sick on Friday with a virus that gave her a really bad headache for the past five days. So it's given me a lot of time to myself. I've been doing a lot of studying and on Saturday I decided that I was going to only read from the Book of Mormon. I was in the beginning of Mosiah and I started to get really confused. Have you ever been confused reading the book of Mosiah with all of the different peoples and lands and deliverances and captivities? I know that I always have been. Well, not anymore! You know why? Because I drew a map. That's right, a really great map with arrow and peoples and lands. (Each land is represented by a tree. I even drew a river to represent the waters of Mormon...I got THAT excited.) I now understand perfectly who is who and where they all ended up. I am very proud of my map and I will be sending copies to you as soon as I can. You will be amazed.

I had a really great experience with reading from the Book of Mormon. I mean I always had, but this time I really saw how my nature was being changed. I normally get antsy and impatient wanting to leave the house and go work. I never once got impatient, frustrated or complained during the past six days. It was a great blessing. I know that I was being blessed by my studying the Book of Mormon. My testimony was strengthened.

Church was really good on Sunday. I went there feeling a little uncomfortable because I still don't really know anyone, but as I walked in I saw Sineide Picanço, who is a really strong member from Brasil who is new in the ward. She and I had talked a bit the week before. I think we were both happy to see one another. She kept me company during Relief Society and I was grateful for that.

We also had ward choir that night and I was unsure if it was an unrighteous tradition of the sisters who had gone before me to go to choir. Well, we got a reference from a member, set up a time to meet with a member and her friend who wants to hear more, and the altos REALLY needed help. It was nice to get to know the people here as well.

Thursday we had a great experience. We were walking home for dinner after a day of trying to find anyone to teach. I saw a woman and her daughter walking home with groceries. We offered to help and she actually said yes. Amazing! What's more, she invited us into her home to teach her when we got to the door! Even more incredible! So we taught her, Silvia, and her daughter, Kimberly, who were both really receptive. Then her friend, Carla, came in and was also really receptive. Then her other daughter, Tainara, came in and was also really receptive. It was amazing! They have done the reading since then and I'm really excited to talk to them tonight! I hope that it all goes well.

Well, family, I hope that you all continue to do well. I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your support and help. I really appreciate it. Have a great week!

Irma Laura Thomas

PS I will be coming home on 7 August, just so you know

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