Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hark! Hark! Hark!

Hello family! Thank you for the updates. Well, it's been another great week here in Faro. We went to Spain (the border, of course) last week. There wasn't much to see and it was a bit chilly, so it was pretty uneventful, though I can now say that I've seen Spain. This week we went out to a tiny island off of the coast by Tavira. It was short as well, but nice to toss a frisbee around again. I'll have to do that again soon.

This past week we had a great turn out for people at church. We had four investigators there and two less-actives! Everyone who said that they were going to come actually came. It was great to see. We made goals with a part-member family and they are working on them and achieving them. I'm so proud of them and can see a difference in them. I want to continue the goal making theme. I believe in the power of goals. They really help you out.

We went to a surprise birthday party for Arkadius, who is a member of the branch. His wife threw him a little party right after church and we sang to him and ate some amazing Cape Verdian food. YUM. It's such a blessing that I got called to a country that has really good food, even if it's foreign food to the country.

Laurinda's really progressing. It's subtle and small, but I can see a mighty change occurring in her heart. I am really starting to see people, especially less-actives, open up to the gospel. It's amazing to see.

Yesterday was an eventful day. We taught the Word of Wisdom to Felicia, who has a problem with drinking. We've been trying to teach it to her for about a week or two, but we've never been able to because she always has people over. But we taught it to her and committed her to living it and we are all grateful that we could be there to help her. At the end of the lesson I thought it would be fun to sing another hymn. I chose "In our Lovely Deseret." My companions snickered as we sang the second verse which is about the Word of Wisdom. It's really the little things that make me smile and laugh. Felicia liked the hymn as well.

Yesterday morning we were heading out to stop by someone's house when we felt like we should stop by an investigator that the elders had been teaching, Rute. She lives right by us and we've taught her before. So we stopped by there and she warmly received us and talked to us about how her life is not going the way she wants it to. We listened to her and comforted her. I really felt like I was living up to my baptismal covenant to comfort those who stand in need of comfort. I knew that we had been inspired to go over to her house. She is a great lady and the elders are excited for us to start teaching her if she is wanting to be taught and to commit.

Other than that things are pretty much normal. We have two family nights set up with members where they are going to be inviting friends over. I am very excited to see them taking part in the missionary work here in a more effective way.

Well, that's about it. We're doing well. I hope that all is well with you all. Have a great day!

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