Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One crazy child

Hello family! It was good to hear about how things are going for all of you. I love the stories and updates. Oh, by the way, all of my pictures from the MTC and my first transfer got wiped from my camera, so that's why you haven't seen pictures yet.

A lot has happened this week and it has been great. The Lord is really blessing us here. We had a goal to focus on our member present lessons and finding new investigators, so we worked really hard to achieve our goals. And through the blessing of the Lord we were able to do so. We had great lessons with our members and now Sara, who we were about to drop, because of the members, is going to church and every youth activity, as well as reading the Book of Mormon every day and wanting to meet with us. It has been a miracle and I am so excited for her. She needed friends in a bad way and the youth in this ward have really taken to her. I am so grateful for them.

On Sunday we were focusing on finding new investigators and so we had set up appointments with a lot of people who were potential investigators. So we went and taught João and Denise, and Denise was NOT excited about us being there. We had knocked into João last transfer. But throughout the lesson, she began listening more and more intently and was really excited about the Book of Mormon. So that was great. I could really see the Spirit softening her heart toward the message of the Restoration.

That night, everything had fallen through, as happens quite often, and so we were walking to try and teach a reference, who was not answering the phone. Then I had the thought that we needed to go teach Suali, so we turned around and went there. I thought that we would not be able to make our goal, but I am here on the Lord's errand and so I must do His work His way. So we went there and met William, who is renting a room from Suali and her husband. He came in during the middle of the lesson and was messing around in the kitchen very quietly, Suali was reading a verse in the Book of Mormon and I really felt like we needed to invite him to listen. So I did and he was so interested and was applying the scripture in his life (Helaman 5:12) and relating it to BIble stories. I felt like I was talking to a member by what he was saying. They got the address to the Church and, fortunately, Suali already had two copies of the Book of Mormon, so she was going to give one to William. He is very ready to hear this message.

Then Monday we were walking around and everything had fallen through. I kept thinking about this market here called Fly. We had gone there a month ago or so and talked to a cashier there. I couldn't get it out of my mind because I had had a dream the night before that we were there. I thought it was really weird, but I couldn't get it off of my mind. So we went to Fly and met Kleide. She is another cashier from Brasil whose brother is a member. She brought up the church and got the address and promised about 12 times that she was coming and for us to wait for her at the entrance. We taught her some of what we believe and she talked about how she needs church in her life and how unhappy she is right now. I am so excited to see her at church. She is so ready and I know that the Lord really wanted us to talk to her.

I am so grateful for the blessings that have been poured out on us here. The Lord is really taking me by the hand here. I cannot believe it. I know that I cannot do this on my own and am so grateful that He is here with me.

So funny story: Saturday, everything had fallen through again, so we were getting a little treat. We went to go get a chocolate crescent at a little store in Arrentela. As we were walking there this little group of kids was playing. One was on a plastic tricycle and started to beeline it towards us. He ran over Irmã Johnson's foot and kept following us. So we brushed it off and got our crescents. Then we went back to the park, as it is the only place to sit down there. So we ate our crescents and this kid came up and kicked me in the shin. Don't worry, he was only four so it didn't really hurt. Then he started wrestling his older cousins to the ground, pulling on their ears. He then came up and tried to steal my soda. Fortunately, the cat-like reflexes that Dad instilled in me by the handslapping game came in handy and I succeeded in guarding my soda. We finished up our crescents and went on our way. We went up some stairs and the little boy followed us there as well. I was still thinking, oh what a cute little boy just playing with his cousins. Then, out of nowhere, he came flying up another flight of stairs and latched himself on to me. I was thinking, oh, he wants a hug, okay, well I can get him off of me. Then he grabbed my arm and bit me. That's right. He bit me. Luckily, he did not bite that hard and it was no problem and his bigger cousin came up pulled him off of me. The life of a missionary is full of craziness.

Life is good here and I am learning a lot. I love you all and hope that you continue strong in the gospel! Have a great day!

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